Aquatic Venue License & Inspection Program



  • Requirements for public and semi-public aquatic venues:  All public and semi-public aquatic venues operating within the five counties of Western Plains Public Health must comply with these requirements. Western Plains PH also regulates pools and spas in Emmons and Kidder Counties.
  • Fecal Incident Response Recommendations for Aquatic Staff
  • Body Fluid Contamination Response Log
  • Requirements for public and semi-public swimming pools and spas (Expired except for Kidder and Emmons Counties)
  • Float Systems (i.e. sensory deprivation tanks, float tanks, isolation tanks, or float pods) are regulated and licensed by Western Plains Public Health as a special use/therapy pool.

    Please view Western Plains Public Health's Floatation System Variance as a supplement to Western Plains Public Health's aquatic venue code (above) if you plan on installing and operating a float tank in Western Plains Public Health's jurisdiction.


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Services Provided In:

Emmons, Grant, Kidder, Mercer,
Morton, Oliver, and Sioux Counties

Lana Schmidt, REHS/RS
     Emily Schmidt, EHP



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